Siepakat is a folkdance and -music ensemble based in Rovaniemi. Siepakat was founded in 1977 and a few years ago we celebrated the 40-year-long journey of Siepakat. Semesters are spent training and the results of training can be seen in yearly fall and spring concerts. All groups starting from the youngest ones take part in these concerts. Groups also have the possibility to perform at festivals and events in Finland but also all around the world. Siepakat has travelled all over Europe but also in Australia, Mexico, Thailand, The USA and South Korea.

Folk dance and music is suitable for all ages. The youngest ones in Siepakat are 3 to 4 years old and the upper age limit doesn’t exist. The teaching is in the hands of professionals and organized work has produced visible results.

In Siepakat you can enjoy succeeding in a group and working together. Parents can also take part in the action and activities through community effort. Lifelong friendships are created and friends are cared for in the groups.

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Siepakat Edustus

The representative group of Siepakat is called Siepakat Edustus. Siepakat Edustus is a goal-oriented folk dance group and some of the dancers are reaching for a career in dance. Most of the dancers have started dancing under the age of five. Dancing in Siepakat Edustus has been a long-term dream for many. For some this dream came true in the semester 2019-2020, when the current Siepakat Edustus was formed of 19 dancers. New choreographies are made for the group without forgetting the traditional dances, which means that the repertory of the group is wide and versatile. Siepakat Edustus performs actively in the hometown Rovaniemi and its surroundings, and at finnish and foreign festivals. The group is also always highlighted in the fall and spring concerts of Siepakat.

Siepakat Juniorit

Siepakat Juniorit is goal-oriented, energetic and excited group. In dance lessons main goals are practising the advanced skills of folk dance and making comprehensive repertory: traditional folk dances, western and eastern traditions, modern folk dance and more expressive dance sets. Siepakat Juniorit participates in finnish and foreign festivals, dance classifications and the fall and spring concerts of Siepakat.

Groups for school aged children

Groups of school aged children practice folk dance steps, group choreographies, traditional dances and folksy partner dancing. Singing, playing and working together still play an important part of dance lessons. Groups participate finnish festivals and dance classifications. Groups practice dance shows which are performed in the fall and spring concerts of Siepakat.

Groups for children under school aged

Groups consisting of children under the school age play, sing, jingle and of course dance. Dance lesson is a thrill where the child simultaneously learns important interaction skills, bodily and musical skills. There is also an intent to raise the child’s interest in the world of folk dance and music. All small dancers get the chance to perform in the fall and spring concerts of Siepakat and these performances have been audience’s favourites year after year.

Adult groups

Elokset is youthful adult dance group and they practice Finnish folk dance from different parts of Finland once a week. Many of the dancers have danced in Siepakat when they were younger. Having returned to Rovaniemi after their studies, they have rediscovered their old hobby. As most of the group in Siepakat, Elokset participate yearly to folk dance festivals in Finland and abroad.

Fossiilit is the senior dance group of Siepakat. The group consist of adult dancers who want to dance but not take it too seriously. The group’s goal is to learn basics of folk dance and folklore. Fossiilit participate yearly to folklore festivals in Finland and abroad.


Groups’ sets include traditional Finnish and Karelian folk dances, modern choreographies and Lapland-fantasy pieces. Dancers wear among other things national costumes, feresis, Lappish clothing and also modern clothing. Siepakat organizes dance performances for different occasions in Finland and abroad.

Siepakat offers suitable dance and music performances of various configurations to occasions. Performances can be altered so that they are suitable for almost every kind of occasion.

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Photos: Oona Sarajärvi